This review will explore its powerful features and how to leverage them maximally to extract information from your files.

What is Humata AI?

  • is an AI tool that lets you ask questions about your files.
  • can reinvent your approach to work, making it easier and more efficient to handle even the most complex research tasks.
  • Its AI-powered capabilities quickly analyze massive data and draw insights that go unnoticed or take considerably longer to extract, saving tremendous time that is otherwise spent manually skimming through gigantic information.

What are the features of

  • Analyse, research, and understand your work project to legal-related documents.
  • It summarises long technical papers which can save you time and helps you to understand the document better.
  • It helps you discover new insights.
  • It enables you to create new writing based on your file.
  • Extract the necessary information needed for your homework or work project.
  • It helps you discover new insights.
  • It also highlights the reference to citations.

Who is for? is perfect for lawyers, Ph.D., and research professionals who need to quickly skim through tons of journals and documents without manually going through them. Also great for students who extracts summary, and insights from their files.

Setting up an account

When you get on the sign-up page, create an account using an email. Input your email, choose a password, and click Create Account.

Humata Sign Up Page.

How to upload files?

Simply click on the upload icon.

Humata Upload

How to ask questions?

Simply click on the ask button to ask questions about the documents and let the Humata AI generate a response accordingly.

Humata Ask Question Pricing and Plan?

  • offers freemium and premium plans.
  • The free plan can only let you upload 60 pages document.
  • Pro plan cost around 15 dollars.
Humata Pricing

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