Resoomer AI is an AI-powered online summarizer platform that helps you to summarize or analyze your texts.

What is Resoomer AI?

Resoomer AI summarizes the important ideas and facts so you can interpret your input text quickly.


What are the features of Resoomer AI?

Audible Summaries

Resoomer AI helps you to listen to your summaries. In addition to the English language, You can listen to the summary generated in French, Italian, Spanish, and several others.

Download Summaries

Resoomer AI lets you download summaries in a Word document and PDF format.

Youtube Summaries

Resoomer AI summarizes Youtube courses or lectures with support in multi-languages.

Summarize text from an image

Resoomer AI scans text from your documents and creates a summary.

Reading Assistant

Resoomer AI can answer your questions about your documents to help you grasp your understanding better.


Resoomer AI lets users share their accounts.

Audible library

Resoomer AI lets you import your documents, books, or articles and listen to summaries generated by the reading assistant.

Who is Resoomer AI for? 

Resoomer AI is great for Students, Librarians, and anybody who wants to summarize the text and also enjoy listening to the same.

Setting up an account

When you get on the sign-up page, create an account using an email. Input your email, choose a password, and click Create Account.

Resoomer AI Pricing and Plan?

Resoomer AI offers freemium and premium plans.


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