What is Trolly.ai and How Does It Work?

  • Trolly.ai is an AI-powered content creation software that helps you to enhance your writing experience.
  • It fills in frequently used phrases and transitions.
  • Trolley AI helps you to write a blog post, a product description, or a landing page, this AI-powered tool can adapt to match your desired style, tone, and voice.
  • Writing and editing content can be carried out using their text editor.

Technical Details of Trolly.ai and Who is it for?

Trolly.ai is a SaaS-based software that is easily accessible online.

It caters to various customer types, including:

  • Individuals
  • Freelancers
  • Small businesses.

What are the features of Trolly.ai?

AI-Powered Article Writer

With this feature, you can simply input your topic or keyword, and Trolly.ai will generate a comprehensive and SEO-optimized article for you.


Text Editor for Fine-Tuning

  • Trolly.ai provides a text editor that allows you to fine-tune the generated articles according to your needs.
  • You can customize the tone, style, and structure of the content to align with your brand’s voice and persona.

Auto SEO Optimization

  • Ensures the content written is fully optimized for search engines.
  • This optimization process enhances your content’s visibility.

What are Trolly.ai Upcoming Features?

Trolly.ai has listed many upcoming features on their website which they are planning to release. Some of them are:

Expanded Output Styles

  • Expanding their output styles to cater to a wide range of preferences.
  • Example:
    • Writing product description
    • Social media caption

Multilingual Support

  • Adding support for 20+ languages to Trolly.ai.

SERP Benchmarks and SEO Analytics

Trolly.ai will soon offer SERP benchmarks and SEO analytics to provide you with valuable insights into your rankings, organic traffic, and keyword performance.

Grammar Checker

Trolly.ai will introduce a grammar checker feature to polished the content generated.

In-Article Images & Videos

Trolly.ai will soon allow you to include in-article images and videos seamlessly.

Team Access and Collaboration

Trolly.ai will introduce team access and collaboration features, allowing you to invite team members, assign tasks, and streamline your content creation workflow.

Bulk Article Generator

Trolly.ai will soon offer a bulk article generator feature, allowing you to generate multiple SEO-optimized articles simultaneously.

API Access and Zapier Automation

For businesses with advanced integration needs, Trolly.ai will provide API access and Zapier automation.

WordPress Direct Automation

Trolly.ai will introduce WordPress direct automation, allowing you to publish your SEO-optimized articles directly to your WordPress platform with a single click.

Setting up an account?

To create a Trolly AI account,

  • Simply visit the Trolly AI website and click on the “Create Account” button.
  • You will be prompted to enter your email address and password.
  • Once you have created an account, you can start using Trolly AI to improve your writing.
  • You can also use your Google account to sign up.

Trolly.ai Pricing and Plan?

Trolly.ai offers flexible pricing options to meet your specific requirements. Let’s take a look at the available plans:

Free Plan

  • Pricing Model: Free Trial, Subscription
  • Monthly: Free
  • Yearly: Free

The free plan allows you to experience the core features of Trolly.ai without any cost. It includes a 5-Articles Text Editor with Auto SEO Optimized Article functionality, providing you with a solid foundation for your content creation journey.

Basic Plan

  • Pricing Model: Subscription
  • Monthly: $29
  • Billed Yearly: $300 for 60 Articles

The Basic plan is ideal for individuals and small businesses looking to take their content creation to the next level. With the Basic plan, you’ll have access to a 60-Articles Text Editor with Auto SEO Optimized Article capabilities, empowering you to produce high-quality content consistently.

Pro Plan

  • Pricing Model: Subscription
  • Monthly: $59
  • Billed Yearly: $650 for Unlimited Articles

For professional writers, freelancers, and medium to large enterprises, the Pro plan is the ultimate choice. With unlimited access to the Text Editor and Auto SEO Optimized Articles, the Pro plan enables you to produce a vast amount of content.


Alternatives to Trolly AI?

NeuronWriter helps you to optimize your website content for better ranking in search engines. It lets you manage the content creation process from writing to publishing the same.

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