Are you ready to supercharge your business and gain valuable insights with the help of ChatGPT prompts? We’ve simplified and organised 30 prompts that will guide you to better understand your business and make informed decisions. Each prompt comes with real-life examples to make it even easier for you to apply them effectively.

1. In-House Advantage Prompt: Discover if customers prefer products or ideas developed by your company over those from others.

  • Example: “Apply the In-House Advantage Prompt to evaluate our in-house software development. Are customers more likely to use our in-house solutions?”

2. Online Memory Prompt: Understand how the internet affects what customers remember, especially from your website.

  • Example: “Use the Online Memory Prompt to assess if our website content is easy for customers to remember and recall.”

3. Unusual = Memorable Prompt: Find out how unique or strange ideas can make a lasting impression on customers.

  • Example: “Apply the Unusual = Memorable Prompt to evaluate our recent marketing campaign. Did its uniqueness make it memorable?”

4. 10x Growth Challenge Prompt: Set ambitious goals that are ten times larger than your current ones to boost your business.

  • Example: “Utilize the 10x Growth Challenge Prompt to set bold sales targets, like increasing quarterly sales from $10,000 to $100,000.”

5. Market Share Loyalty Prompt: Determine if having a smaller market share affects customer loyalty.

  • Example: “Use the Market Share Loyalty Prompt to understand if our market share impacts customer loyalty. Do customers prefer bigger brands?”

6. First Impressions Prompt: Ensure your website creates a great first impression on visitors.

  • Example: “Analyze our website with the First Impressions Prompt in mind. Does it make a positive initial impact?”

7. Small Steps, Big Results Prompt: Get people to say ‘yes’ to small things, leading to bigger decisions.

  • Example: “Apply the Small Steps, Big Results Prompt to design an onboarding process that gradually leads customers to upgrade to premium services.”

8. Mirror Image Connection Prompt: Build better relationships by mimicking your customers’ behavior.

  • Example: “Enhance customer service interactions by applying the Mirror Image Connection Prompt. Mirror customers’ communication styles for more comfortable interactions.”

9. Information Chunking Prompt: Make complex information easy for customers to understand.

  • Example: “Utilize the Information Chunking Prompt to simplify product feature explanations. Break down complex features into digestible bits.”

10. Time-Released Persuasion Prompt: Strengthen messages over time, like planting a seed that grows into a tree.

  • Example: “Apply the Time-Released Persuasion Prompt to craft an email marketing campaign that gradually builds persuasive messages over a series of emails.”

11. Good Deeds, Bad Choices Prompt: Showcase good deeds without leading to bad choices.

  • Example: “Use the Good Deeds, Bad Choices Prompt to design an ethical marketing campaign. Highlight our good deeds without encouraging unethical choices.”

12. Authority Influence Prompt: Leverage experts to make your business more trustworthy.

  • Example: “Apply the Authority Influence Prompt by featuring industry experts in our webinars to increase trust and engagement.”

13. Perceived Frequency Prompt: Increase brand visibility by positioning your logo where it’s noticed often.

  • Example: “Use the Perceived Frequency Prompt to boost brand recognition. Place our logo in prominent locations where people frequently look.”

14. Clarity in Ambiguity Prompt: Eliminate confusion in product descriptions to help customers make decisions.

  • Example: “Apply the Clarity in Ambiguity Prompt to improve product descriptions. Ensure all details are presented clearly to facilitate decision-making.”

15. Assumed Consensus Prompt: Gain insights into how customers perceive your brand compared to competitors.

  • Example: “Use the Assumed Consensus Prompt to conduct market research. Understand how customers view our brand and competitors.”

16. Vague Validation Prompt: Create messages that resonate with customers, even if they’re somewhat general.

  • Example: “Apply the Vague Validation Prompt to make customers feel understood. Craft messages that relate to their experiences.”

17. Easy Task Overconfidence Prompt: Ensure your product suits all skill levels, including beginners.

  • Example: “Use the Easy Task Overconfidence Prompt to design user-friendly features. Make sure beginners feel confident using our product.”

18. Avoidance Behavior Prompt: Make it easy for customers to provide feedback, both positive and negative.

  • Example: “Apply the Avoidance Behavior Prompt to improve customer feedback. Create an inviting process for customers to share their thoughts.”

19. Belief-Driven Benefits Prompt: Highlight how believing in your product can make it work even better.

  • Example: “Use the Belief-Driven Benefits Prompt to showcase how belief in our wellness product can lead to real benefits.”

20. Memorable Uniqueness Prompt: Stand out in your customers’ minds by being unique.

  • Example: “Apply the Memorable Uniqueness Prompt to create a distinctive logo and branding that sets us apart from competitors.”

21. Unfinished Business Recall Prompt: Encourage continued engagement by rewarding users for completing tasks.

  • Example: “Utilize the Unfinished Business Recall Prompt to design a gamified mobile app that rewards users for completing tasks.”

22. Success Expectation Prompt: Manage customer expectations by showcasing the successes of satisfied clients.

  • Example: “Apply the Success Expectation Prompt to create trust. Highlight the achievements and successes of our satisfied clients.”

23. Rhyme for Truth Prompt: Use rhymes to make your messages seem more truthful.

  • Example: “Use the Rhyme for Truth Prompt to create marketing slogans and taglines that incorporate rhymes for enhanced credibility.”

24. Teamwork Efficiency Prompt: Motivate your team to work effectively together, avoiding social loafing.

  • Example: “Apply the Teamwork Efficiency Prompt to encourage collaboration among team members. Recognise and reward collective efforts to ensure maximum productivity.”

25. The Storytelling Impact Prompt: Explore how storytelling can impact your business by engaging customers and conveying your brand’s message effectively.

  • Example: “Apply the Storytelling Impact Prompt to revamp our product descriptions with engaging narratives that resonate with customers.”

26. The Scarcity Principle Prompt: Investigate how creating a sense of scarcity can drive customer interest and urgency to purchase.

  • Example: “Utilize the Scarcity Principle Prompt to implement limited-time offers on our e-commerce website and monitor the impact on sales.”

27. The Reciprocity Effect Prompt: Discover how offering something of value for free can lead to increased customer loyalty and engagement.

  • Example: “Apply the Reciprocity Effect Prompt to develop a free resource or tool that provides value to our customers, encouraging brand loyalty.”

28. The Emotional Appeal Prompt: Examine how evoking emotions in your marketing materials can connect with customers on a deeper level.

  • Example: “Use the Emotional Appeal Prompt to create a heartfelt video campaign that showcases our brand’s commitment to social responsibility.”

29. The FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Prompt: Investigate how leveraging the fear of missing out can boost sales and engagement.

  • Example: “Apply the FOMO Prompt by launching a limited-stock, exclusive product line and tracking its impact on customer interest and sales.”

30. The Testimonial Power Prompt: Understand how customer testimonials can build trust and credibility for your business.

  • Example: “Utilize the Testimonial Power Prompt to gather and feature customer testimonials on our website and marketing materials.”

These simplified and organized prompts, along with practical examples, will empower you to make informed decisions and propel your business to new heights. Start applying them today and unlock the potential of ChatGPT for your business success!

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