What is GPT4All?

  • GPT4All is a completely open source free-to-use chatbot similar to a chatbot that works locally without the internet aiming at the privacy of users at the heart core.
  • GTP4All is an ecosystem that lets you train and deploy language models that run locally on your CPUs.
  • It lets you create personal chatgpt like assistant that you can freely use, distribute and build on.

What is the size of GPT4All?

A GPT4All model is a 3GB – 8GB file that you can download and use.

What platforms are it available for?

The platforms supported by GPT4All currently are:

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Ubuntu

What are the Features of GPT4All?

  • You can ask a question to GPt4All about anything, just similar to Chatgpt and it will answer them to you.
  • It works as your Personal Writing Assitant which can let you create documents, creative poems, blog posts, essays, or even write song lyrics for you.
  • Gpt4all lets you summarise your text, you can ask questions and interact with it to help you understand better at topics and improvise your clarity on the same.
  • It can write code for you, guide you on how to develop codes, and much more.
  • You can train and customize your own Chatgpt using GPT4ALL tailored to your preference without sacrificing your privacy.

What are the available models for GPT4All?


What is GPT4All Ecosystem?

It consists of documentation, various input models, and much more.