Texta AI lets you do copywriting for sales, email, and e-commerce, assists you in grammar, creates advertisements, and much more.

What is Texta.ai?

Texta.ai is a writing tool that helps you to create articles, blog posts, letters, emails, and advertisements. It can generate documents, assist with grammatical errors, and a lot more.

What are the features of Texta.ai?

Texta ChatBot

This is similar to Chatgpt chatbot which lets you ask a question and answer it accordingly. The best part is its wide range of languages supported.


Rewrite Your Text

It rewrites your text or paraphrases it, checks for grammatical errors, and corrects the same for you.

Social, Email, Sales, and Ad Copy Writing

There is a feature for bulk-generating blog posts, and essays, writing brand missions, creating Advertisements for Social Marketing, Email Copywriting, Sales Copy, Ad Copy, and Creating headlines or bios for Social Profiles.


Generating Letters

This tool can generate letters such as thank you letters, recommendation letters, and much more

Email Writing

You can write a welcome, confirmation, cancellation email, or any topic you want the Texta AI to generate text on.

Zapier Integration

They have integration with Zapier which lets you create automation for your projects.

Who is Texta.ai for?

Texta AI can be great for:

  1. Researchers and Academics
  2. Content Marketers and Copywriters
  3. Customer Support Teams
  4. Data Analysts

Setting up an account?

When you get on the sign-up page, create an account using an email. Input your email, choose a password, and click Create Account. Additionally, you can use your Google, Facebook, and GitHub accounts to set up your account.

Texta.ai Pricing and Plan?

They offer monthly and annual subscriptions for the users.


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