Perplexity AI is a similar tool to CHATGPT using AI to facilitate your search intent with textual results. Also provides reference links in its results.

What is Perplexity AI?

Perplexity AI lets you interact with it by letting you ask anything similar to CHATGPT like UI but with additional features such as letting you pick the source like youtube, web, academic, etc.


What are the features of Perplexity AI?

Different Search Sources

Posting search queries across different sources so you can define and get more accurate results.

  • All – Search across all of the web sources and pages.
  • Academic – Perplexity AI searches your query across academic and published papers.
  • Youtube – This helps you to search across the youtube media content.
  • Reddit – Perplexity AI searches your keyword across Reddit and returns matching results from Reddit forums and opinions.
  • News – This searches across several news sources and articles and returns matching content to your search intent.
  • Wikipedia – Perplexity AI searches your input text across the Wikipedia vast source of information.
  • Wolfram|Alfra – This enables your keyword to be searched across Wolfram|Alfra which gives compute expert-level answers using Wolfram’s knowledgebase.


This feature of perplexity AI resets every 4 hours and gives you 5 uses. It lets you write an article, or essay, rephrase your content, and works similarly to an AI writing assistant.

iOS & Android Apps

While the iOS app has been rolled out.

There is a waitlist you can join for the Android version

Who is Perplexity AI for?

Perplexity AI is for those who are looking for a CHATGPT alternative and use features like cutting down the search intent for precision to its available sources like Youtube, Reddit, Academic, Wolfram, etc.

Setting up an account

Simply click on the sign-up button on the left page, enter your email and they will send you an email link to login. Additionally, you can also use a Google or Apple account for signing up for Perplexity AI.


Perplexity AI Pricing and Plan?

Perplexity AI is free for now and I like that it is powered by GPT – 4.

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