Copymatic is an AI writing tool that helps you to write content such as articles, and blogs based on keywords you input to the tool and define the tool how exactly you want the output to be.

What is Copymatic AI?

  • Copymatic AI can generate content for :
    • Blog
    • Articles
    • Generate Images
    • Marketing, E-Commerce Copywriting
    • Writing Social Media Ads
  • This tool is like having a bunch of copywriters writing for you which latter can boost your productivity, get traffic on your website, and much more.

What are the features of Copymatic AI?

This AI writing tool is filled with several rich features which can get you to start writing right away with its inbuilt templates which range from blog writing, article generator, image generator, writing SEO optimized meta descriptions, turning text into a human voice, and plenty more. Let’s look at some of the popular features.

Generate Articles

You need to enter the “Title”, “Keywords you want the tool to focus on”, and “Subheadings to include”, also ask the tool to generate subheadings for you and then just press on “Write Article”.


Copymatic Chat

This is similar to chatgpt where you enter your question or search term and let the chatbot generate a response for you accordingly.


Generating Images

This feature lets you create a picture by simply inputting your text and selecting the style attribute of the image. Well, I was able to create a spider man below with slightly different colors.


Rewriting content

This particular feature lets you rewrite content for you and check plagiarism.


CopyWrite Word Processor

They also have an inbuilt text editor with useful tools for blogs, it can analyze SEO scores for you, Create Twitter threads, Answer Quora questions, write E-commerce product descriptions, and much more.


Convert Text Into Speech

This tool also lets you convert your text into human speech with several voiceovers they packed in with.


Who is Copymatic AI for?

Copymatic AI is a good tool for anyone looking to create high-quality copy quickly and easily. Whether you’re a freelance writer, marketer, or business owner who needs to write compelling content on a regular basis, this tool can help you save time and streamline your workflow.

Setting up an account?

Simply click on the sign-up button on the page, and enter your email and password to create your account. Additionally, you can also use a Google or Linkedin account for signing up.

Copymatic AI Pricing and Plan?

They offer Pro, Team and Enterprise plan for monthly and yearly subscription.


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